How to build QuickPage

  1. Make sure you have the latest version (currently v3.3).

  2. Unpack the distribution by typing zcat qpage-3.3.tar.Z | tar -xvf -

  3. Edit config.input to customize QuickPage for your particular environment. In particular, you should make sure SNPP_SERVER points to something other than localhost if you plan on using QuickPage in a network environment.

  4. Type ./configure to configure QuickPage.

  5. Type make to build the QuickPage binary, or type make client for a stripped down client-only version.
    Important: Since make and make client use different compiler arguments, you MUST do a make clean before building a different qpage. That is, if you make the full qpage and then later decide you want to make client to build a client-only version (or vice versa), you must do a make clean first, otherwise the object files left over from the previous build will not link correctly.

  6. Install qpage and in appropriate directories. Create a run-time configuration file. See the man page for complete details on the syntax of this file.

  7. Edit the appropriate system startup file to start a QuickPage daemon process when the system boots.

  8. Send e-mail to telling me how you like QuickPage!