Using QuickPage with numeric pagers:

There are several methods of paging people with numeric pagers. The most common method is to call a pager-specific phone number, wait for some kind of beep, and then enter a numeric message using the touch-tone keys on your telephone. Some paging services have a common phone number for all numeric pagers and the caller must enter the recipient's PIN before entering the numeric message.

QuickPage does not support either of these two methods.

A third method, supported by QuickPage, is to call an IXO/TAP phone number with a modem and transmit the numeric message as if it were an alphanumeric message. As long as it contains only digits, the message will be accepted by the paging service and transmitted to the pager. Include msgprefix=false in the configuration file for any service associated with numeric pagers so that QuickPage will not prepend any text to the numeric message.

Please note that not all numeric paging services support this method. I suggest you contact your paging service and ask them if they have an IXO/TAP phone number you can use with QuickPage. If the person you talk to doesn't know what this means, ask to speak to a technical support representative.

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