How portable is QuickPage?

I make every attempt to write portable code. My goal is to make QuickPage portable enough to run on just about any system. Certainly rewriting QuickPage in JavaTM would make it even more portable, but I don't believe the Internet community is quite ready for that yet; I would probably end up spending way too much time helping people install Sun's JDK instead of doing QuickPage development. So until the major UNIX vendors start shipping operating systems with a bundled JDK, I will continue to develop QuickPage in C. Unfortunately, the only development platforms I have access to are Solaris and Linux (thanks to the very kind donation of a complete Linux system from Alex Morris in Tucson, AZ). However, I have heard from lots of people who report having success compiling and using QuickPage on the following platforms:

My policy is that I can only support QuickPage on platforms I have access to. If you have a UNIX flavor other than Solaris or Linux and you are willing to give me access to your system over the Internet, I will be happy to investigate porting QuickPage to your operating system.